How To Avoid Boat From Sinking – Part 1


An Easy Self Check-Up Can Help You Preventing Big Trouble


We do see & hear in news about some hundreds & thousands of boats do sink while they are docked & this happens every single year. The exact amount of boats which sink are unknown as there is no regulating company or a private company which can keep the records of the sunk boats. However, if you want to do a cross check then do check with the insurance company who can give you an estimate of the numbers. This is one of the main reasons why the insurance for getting your boat insured costs so high &  San Diego Boat Repair can be one of the best options.

Many people hear then & now that this point is mostly ignored by boat owners as they give little importance to boat maintenance & they are under constant, impression that boats do not sink. However, there is much attached to sunk boats as if you ever encounter a major issue as sunk boat than the boat owners are going to feel the pain of high headaches whether or not the boat is insured. The sunk a boat headache also bring the boat owner with the trauma of multiple lists such as:

Oil Pollution

Any Additional Losses

Any Personal Effects

Also, any fines which may or may not covered by your insurance policy.

Why Do Boats Sink

Let’s discuss on why do boats sink? One cannot deny that a huge amount of boats sink because to give a little care about them & permit them to sink with ignorance.

One of the main factors why a boat could sink is could be because of use of inferior materials or bad quality materials.

Stay tuned & don’t forget to follow as we are going to discuss the steps to maintain your boat & avoid it from getting sunk.

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